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We provide detailed and unbiased reviews for solar panels, companies, and installers based on our internal research and customer feedback.
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We ensure you are connected with trusted and the best solar companies as we understand that solar is a big investment for you & you should get the best.
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After doing our research and getting feedback from customers, we partnered with the best solar installers who have pertinent skills & experience in the field.
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We aim to get you the most out of your solar investment. So we partnered with solar companies and brought you the best solar deals that help you to save enough money.
About Solar112

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Welcome to Solar112, your one-stop destination for all solar things! We are a growing platform that specializes in providing comprehensive solar reviews and quotes from a wide array of reputable companies. Our mission is to empower homeowners to make informed decisions about their solar energy needs.

Aim to Educate

We are not aiming to sell anything to you but our mission is to educate more and more homeowners to adopt clean energy by installing the best solar system from the best one.

Unbiased Reviews

At Solar112, we do our proper research, gather data from different sources, take feedback from customers and then write a perfect review so you can make a perfect decision.

Hassle-free Solar Quotes

By leveraging our extensive network of trusted solar companies, we ensure that you receive competitive quotes tailored to your specific requirements.

Things to know

Research before you make a purchase

The cost and positive reviews are crucial factors in solar investment. However, other things also hold much importance before partnering with a solar installer. So,

Looks for these as well:
Fantastic ratings and reviews.
Willing to answer all your queries.
Maintain transparency on the project.
Experienced and competent in the field.
Licensed and insured to execute solar projects.
Our offerings

How we are helping?

We want you to partner with the right solar provider who is certified, qualified, and knowledgeable and install fine-quality panels on your rooftop. To help you make the right decision with your biggest investment, we offer

Solar company reviews
After diligently evaluating various solar providers, assessing their performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we create reviews for solar companies.
Solar Battery Reviews
You can find the best solar battery for your rooftop based on authentic reviews. You can read our reviews on different solar battery types, their efficiency, voltage, cooling system, etc., and make the right choice.
Solar Panel Reviews
Check authentic reviews on all three types of solar panels namely monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-crystal before the purchase to make the most out of your investment.
Solar Inverter Reviews
Authentic reviews will help you purchase the right solar inverter based on criteria like frequency output, efficiency, power output, PV input power, operating temperature, etc.
Solar Savings
We introduce you to the top solar providers where you can save thousands on installation. We make sure that the solar project doesn’t dig deep into your pockets.
Solar Incentives
Once we connect, you can easily access many solar incentives like federal solar tax credits, net metering programs, solar rebate programs, and much more.

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