SunVena Solar LLC Review – Leading Solar Company in Florida

SunVena Solar Review

SunVena Solar is one of the leading solar installation companies in Florida. Their equipment, sales method, product quality, and top-notch services set them apart from other companies in FL.

They offer a 25-year warranty on their complete range of products and services. SunVena Solar LLC has established its credibility and managed to bag the top 3 position among the best solar companies in the US in 2020.

However, ‘Is it a good idea to invest in SunVena Solar? 

Even after reading efficacious reviews about SunVena Solar, many buyers contemplate making the purchase decision.

Don’t worry! 

We are here to clear off all your doubts through this post. We have rounded up everything that you need to know about SunVena Solar to make your decision super easy!

Let’s get rolling!

Key Takeways

  • SunVena Solar is over a decade-old solar installation company and is counted among the top 10 in the US.
  • Their top-notch sales services, high-quality products, and well-trained professionals are renowned for delivering an excellent solar experience.
  • 25-year warranty on their complete range of products and services. 
  • SunVena’s pricing plans are quite competitive and on the higher side. However, the quality of their service is top-notch.
  • SunVena Solar is certified as Elite Screened and Verified by EnergySage.
  • SunVena offers consistent customer support and robust warranty protection to its clients.
  • Like every other solar company in the US, SunVena Solar also has certain pros and cons that should be considered before partnering.

SunVena Solar LLC: Overview

Service TypeResidential and Commercial Solar, Engery Audits, Monitoring, Roofing and more.
Head Office4005 Church St, Sanford FL, 32771
Contact Number(844) 786-8362

SunVena is one of the top solar installation companies in the United States based in Florida. It was founded in 2018 and has shown remarkable growth since then. 

Despite being a mid-size solar panel installation company, the estimated revenue of SunVena is over $1.1 million. With more than 10,000 customers in Florida, SunVena caters to families and homeowners. However, their services are targeted in the Central Florida region near Orlando Base only. Their service area expands from Daytona Beach to Tampa. They also provide statewide services.

SunVena has garnered more than 2000 customer reviews with 100% five-star ratings and only 1 or 2 complaints within two years of their service. 

According to the Florida State Department of Business, SunVena has gained accredited business status. The review database of SunVena shows that it is one of the trusted solar companies in the US.

SunVena was recognized top solar installation company two years in a row (2021 and 2022) by Solar Reviews. HomeAdvisor named SunVena as the top solar installer and Elite Service provider. This solar company offers competitive pricing, consistent customer support, and robust warranty protection to its clients.

What customer said about SunVena?

SunVena Solar: Range of Products and Services

With more than 10,000 customers in Florida, SunVena caters to families and homeowners. However, their services are targeted in the Central Florida region near its base in Orlando only. So, only a limited number of people can access their solar services.

The following is the range of products and services offered by SunVena.

Solar Panels

SunVena offers a range of solar panels. From Q-Cell solar panels to S-Energy Solar Panels, SunVena provides all types of solutions that suit the varied requirements and budgets of people looking for installations. 


SunVena services include roof installation as well. They can install new roofs on a property with the help of their specialized roofing team. 


SunVena Solar services are not limited to installation and roofing. They also offer HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) services to their clients.

SunVena Solar: Maintenance and Support

SunVena Solar LLC invests a lot in its services as it performs consistent checkups on its installed panels. They are not only someone easy to contact but also offer immediate assistance for any issues raised by their customers. 

This solar installation company offers robust technical support and bolstered warranties to their customers. They offer 24X7 monitoring and customer service making it easy for their clients to reach them whenever needed. 

SunVena has a team of experienced solar installers who make the initial installation phase very smooth. They guide homeowners and explain the entire process in an understandable manner.

SunVena Solar: Pros and Cons

SunVena Solar is one of the top solar installation companies in the US that has scored numerous positive reviews for its high-quality services. Their primary focus is to provide top-notch solar solutions to their customers. This company has managed to establish itself as among the trusted names in the solar industry.

However, like every other solar company, SunVena also has some pros and cons. Let’s understand them well and know their true worth.


  • Trusted names among top solar installers in the United States.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Their team consists of knowledgeable, helpful, responsive, and well-trained professionals.
  • From consultation to installation of the solar panels, SunVena makes sure their clients are satisfied.
  • The quality of their solar products is top-notch. They use top-of-the-line equipment so each customer enjoys maximum energy benefits from installed solar panels.
  • The solar installation process is highly professional, hassle-free, and seamless.
  • Correct and timely execution of the solar project.
  • Great warranty coverage.


  • Their solar installation services are expensive.
  • Their services vary from local dealer to dealer.
  • Their services are limited to the Central Florida region near Orlando Base only.

SunVena Solar: Pricing and Features 

Based on reviews of numerous SunVena Solar customers, we understood that the price of their products and services is competitive. The actual cost of SunVena Solar depends on the type and size of the solar system you install on your property. 

As the company emphasizes more on quality, the cost of solar installation is quite high.  However, with the right negotiation, you can avail their top-notch solar services at a reasonable cost. Plus, if you are ready to make an upfront purchase, SunVena provides financial support to its customers as their solar panels qualify for federal tax credit. Users can save 30% on the total cost of solar installation with SunVena.

Although the cost of installation from SunVena Solar is high, their price is worth the value of their services.

In the next section, we will understand the top features of SunVena Solar that set it apart from its competitors.

Tesla Solar Roofs and Panels

SunVena Solar is a fully certified Tesla installer which is among the unique aspects of this company. This solar installation company is not only qualified to install Tesla solar panels and roofs but also the Tesla Powerwall. 

Many installers couldn’t acquire this level of certification to install Tesla solar products on a rooftop.

Battery Backup Solutions

Chilly and snowy weather conditions have increased the usage of solar battery backups in Florida. 30% of power outages regularly occur due to lightning strikes and catastrophic hurricanes. SunVena Solar panel comes with high-quality battery backup solutions. 

The Tesla Powerwall and Enphase battery systems are highly rated and are qualified to provide energy during complex outages. Not every solar installer offers this alternative to their clients.

24X7 Online Monitoring

SunVena Solar offers 24X7 monitoring to ensure that all their installed equipment is functioning appropriately. Many solar customers complain about being unable to figure out the declining stage of their solar system. SunVena has taken care of this issue with its online monitoring. 

Not all solar companies offer online monitoring. SunVena solar customers can also track the energy production of their system virtually from anywhere.

Comprehensive Warranty

Warranties are the biggest driving factors in the buyer’s purchase decision. Since huge investment is involved in solar projects, customers will want to make sure that their solar system will work properly throughout many years. One of the methods to gain peace of mind is through solar system warranties.

SunVena goes beyond simple warranties on equipment and expertise for 25 years. It offers guarantees on production, solar panel and inverter warranty, labor guarantee, and roof penetration. Not all solar companies offer guarantees on such service aspects.

SunVena Solar: Legitimacy

SunVena Solar LLC is a highly legitimate solar installation company in the US. The following accreditations make it a trustworthy solar partner.

  • BBB accredited and registered in Florida state since 2020.
  • Licensed from the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation.
  • Correct contact details including email address, phone number, and location can be easily found on their website.
  • Headed by Hunter Potalivo who is a green energy consultant with more than a decade of leadership experience.
  • Excellent reviews from customers and accreditations from big authorities.

How to find SolarVena Solar LLC?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SunVena Solar worth it?

Yes, based on our findings SunVena is one of the excellent solar panel installation companies in the US.

Which is the best feature of SunVena Solar?

The use of quality equipment, 24/7 online monitoring, comprehensive warranty, and battery backup are among the best features of SunVena Solar.

What services does SunVena Solar provide?

Solar Panel installation, roofing services, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) are the main services that SunVena Solar provides.

Is SunVena Solar trustworthy?

Accreditation by the Florida State Authorities and the BBB (The Build Back Better Act) makes SunVena a trustworthy solar partner.

Can I cancel a contract with SunVena Solar?

According to Florida State Law, a contract once signed cannot be canceled. To gain more clarity, you should go through the contract that you have already signed or contact SunVena directly.

The Bottom Line: SunVena Solar Review Breakdown

Considering the inclement weather conditions of Florida, it makes a lot of sense to invest in SunVena Solar as it offers quality battery backup solutions to residents who experience power outages frequently. Clients can also benefit from 24/7 online monitoring which is a rare feature that any solar company offers. 

The only downside of SunVena is that its services are limited to the Central Florida region near its Orlando Base. Also, unclear solar financing options make it difficult for residents to avail of green benefits. Plus, the price is quite high for the service.

Although the cost is high, in terms of long-term investment rewards and price per watt, SunVena offers a good bet. 

SunVena Solar offers end-to-end solar solutions and quality partnerships to their customers.

SunVena has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from its customers. Their key focus is to offer high-quality products, satisfy their customers, and provide efficient solar installation processes at competitive prices.

SunVena is undoubtedly one of the credible choices for anyone looking for solar installation on their rooftop!

SunVena Solar LLC Review
  • Sales Process
  • Price as quoted
  • Installation quality
  • Customer Support
  • Overall Experience
  • Punctual To Time


SunVena Solar LLC is a highly-rated solar company in Florida, with a 5-star rating on the Better Business Bureau. Customers praise SunVena for its educational and friendly sales process, its responsiveness and professionalism, and the quality of its workmanship.

User Review
  • Sales Process
  • Price as quoted
  • Installation quality
  • Customer Support
  • Overall Experience
  • Punctual To Time
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  • High customer satisfaction ratings
  • Educational and friendly sales process
  • Responsive and professional customer service
  • Quality workmanship
  • Competitive pricing


  • A few complaints about delays in installation or communication
  • A lien placed on one customer’s home for a job that was canceled and never started

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User Review
  • Sales Process
  • Price as quoted
  • Installation quality
  • Customer Support
  • Overall Experience
  • Punctual To Time

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