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Trinity Solar review

If you are thinking of going solar, then you might want to consider Trinity Solar, the largest privately held residential solar panel company in all of America. With nearly two decades in the solar energy industry, the company has served more than 85,000 homeowners in 10 states so far and managed to uphold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with its incredible services. 

But is this intro sufficient for someone to decide on this company as their solar panel provider?  We’re sure not.

Due to this, we have created this comprehensive guide to the Trinity Solar Review, in which we cover the following areas:

A Glance of Trinity Solar Company

Founded in 1994, Trinity Solar now ranks among the top 10 residential solar companies (#7 as of 2023) across the nation. Trinity stepped into the business of solar in 2004, and since then there has been no going back. With a dedicated and prodigious employee base of 2700, the company never fails to impress its customers with its highly efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solutions. 

Moreover, the company offers full-in-house solar panel installation services, that is, from installing the Qcells solar panels, which have an efficiency rate range of 20.6%–20.9%, to providing SolarEdge inverters, which have a high-throughput rate of nearly 99% (can vary according to the model), and battery storage solutions from Tesla and General that can hold 12.2 kWh of applicable energy, you will get everything under one roof. All these components come with a 25-year warranty.

Service typesResidential solar – Grid tied, Roofing, Generac Energy Storage
Head Office2211 Allenwood Road, Wall NJ, 07719
State availability10 Northeast states: CT, DE, FL, MA, MD, NJ, NH, NY, PA, RI
Year founded2004
Contact Number877-SUN-SAVES

Furthermore, Trinity Solar provides a multitude of financing options, including full solar purchase, leasing, and loaning. The good news is that Trinity charges no upfront costs for homeowners who opt to lease the solar power system.

But how much do Trinity’s panels cost? Does the company provide services in your area? Is choosing Trinity Solar the right choice for you? And so on!

Don’t worry and sit back and relax, as this Trinity Solar review guide will help you with easy-to-understand information. So keep reading.

Trinity Solar Panel State-Wide Availability Options in the United States

Trinity Solar Panel State-Wide Availability

As of now, the Trinity Solar company is proudly serving homeowners with solar panel installation services only in 10 Northeast states, which are: Connecticut (CT), Delaware (DE), Florida (FL), Maryland (MD), Massachusetts (MA), New Hampshire (NH), New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Pennsylvania (PA), and Rhode Island (RI).If you are living in one of the aforementioned regions, then you can reach out to them via their website. All you need to do is enter your PIN code, and a form will reflect on your screen. The company will then contact you accordingly using the information you provided in the form.

Trinity Solar Installation Process

Trinity Solar follows a straightforward approach with its in-house solar panel installation team, which means no networking or tie-ups with outside contractors. 

This makes the whole solar process easier for homeowners. Now, in case of any query or solar-related service, they can directly contact Trinity’s representative and no longer need to waste their time going to and fro from solar contractor to service provider. 

The company’s solar installation process follows the following steps:

Consultation: You can arrange a free online appointment with a Trinity representative during which you can ask any inquiries you may have and discover more about the system’s architecture. If the site is approved, the provider will provide an estimate outlining the system’s design, expected price, and how it meets your utility bills and long-term goals. 

Permits and Approvals: Trinity will complete the required paperwork and obtain the required permissions and clearances from your municipality and electrical supplier. Depending on the laws in the area you live in, this procedure could take up to a few weeks to complete.

Service Agreement: How you cover the cost of the solar system will be outlined in the service agreement. You have several financing options for the system, including upfront payment, leasing, and loans. Additionally, you will go over all the warranty details and upkeep needs.

Installation: You can schedule the installation date of your system via one of Trinity’s reps. Once installation day shows up, the company’s operator will then install solar panels at the specified place and technicians will install power systems. Installations typically require a day or two, although they may take longer if the system is more involved. 

Final Assessment: Before granting you Permission to Operate (PTO), the local authority and the power provider must have to perform a final inspection. Trinity will set up these tests for you and will notify you when it is okay for you to turn on the system and start saving.

How much does Trinity Solar Panels cost?

Since Trinity Solar is a privately owned solar panel company, it is no longer bound to disclose its pricing information to investors or on its official website. Thus, it is hard to tell the exact cost of their panels, which is unlikely to be the case with other renowned solar companies like SunPower or Tesla. 

The reason behind their “not sharing the price policy” is because of the ever-changing market trends and the government guidelines, which come at a variable associated cost.

Apart from their undisclosed pricing plans, the final cost of solar projects depends on a couple of the following factors:

  • How much energy is needed, both concerning consumption and savings?
  • How is the local climate? Is it bright, cloudy, or rainy?
  • What part of the rooftop needs to have the system installed?
  • How are things with the roof shading?
  • What is the solar system’s size and complexity?

The average price of household solar panels, according to consultancy firm Wood Mackenzie, is $2.99 each watt for an 8 kW unit (that is roughly around $23,920 for the entire 8 kW setup). The company may cost a little more than rival solar panel providers, but its incredibly sturdy and efficient panels along with a solid guarantee make the additional expense entirely justified.

Trinity Solar Financing Options

The solar leads are concerned about a number of aspects of the PV installation process, including how they would pay for it. Trinity, fortunately, enables their clients to make the changeover to sustainable embraces by providing them with the following range of financing options:

Solar Lease or PPA

If you can’t afford the panel and are only looking for the extra power usage, then this might be an ideal option for you. Under the leasing option, instead of outrighting the system, you can lease the panel equipment from the company at an additional monthly fee, or you can go for a power purchase agreement (PPA) and pay only for the electricity you use. In both scenarios, you will not own the system; however, you will get the benefit of the zero upfront cost that comes along with it.

Solar Finance (Loan)

For those who can’t afford to buy the entire solar system, solar financing or a loan is a great alternative. The company helps homeowners finance their solar projects through their partnered financial providers. The good news is that those who choose to opt for a loan can still take advantage of tax exemption benefits; however, the percentage rates may vary.

Solar Purchase

The most economical option is usually to purchase your full solar system on your own through Trinity Solar Services, but only if your budget permits it. In addition to both the national tax credits and the state rebate initiatives, utilizing a net metering system without third-party inclusion can help you save more money on your bills and even resell any spare electricity. But remember, purchasing the solar system comes with an upfront cost.

Trinity Solar Warranties

Usually, the Trinity Solar company provides warranties of up to 25 years; however, this can vary based on the equipment you choose. For instance, in addition to the 25-year fixed warranty of Qcells panels, which, by the way, matches the longest warranty provided by solar companies ever, the Trinity Solar warranties go the following ways:

  • SolarEdge inverter has a 12-year warranty that can extend up to 25 years. 
  • On the other hand, the battery storage solutions provided by Generac have a 10-year warranty, which can also be further extended to 25. 
  • Talking about the workmanship, it can vary from 5 to 10 years based on the company you choose, Tesla or Generac. However, the workmanship guarantee is for life for homeowners who choose the lease or PPA financing option.

Trinity Solar Reviews

In its 29 years of operation, Trinity Solar has maintained a sterling reputation by serving more than 85,000 homeowners with incredible services and minimal complaints.

I worked with Terry to design and install my system. It was a very smooth process. Any questions I had were answered promptly. Twice I had to contact the office, and I was able to speak with someone immediately and my issue resolved. It’s been a year since installation, and the system is working beautifully! ~ Joseph Housey via Google

“Great experience and very happy with our system! The customer service and sales process were seamless and they [Trinity] did a good job managing expectations. Would definitely recommend Trinity to others.” –⁠ Jesse H., via the BBB

Btw, you don’t have to believe me either. I have been a customer of Trinity Solar for 8 years now. The timeline to get installed is what it is. State, township and utility all has to approve before install can happen and is outside Trinity’s control. Are people that complain so naive that they think Trinity doesn’t want to get paid as fast as possible? It cracks me up that people don’t know that Sunnova is who they are paying. We have to sign a Sunnova contract and call them. We are the ones signing it electronically and approve it verbally. My install was done by professionals who took time to explain things and system has been working great ever since saving me $$$ on high utility costs. Do yourself a favor and speak to a rep about concerns and get it in writing. You won’t be disappointed with Trinity. ~ via energysage

Moreover, the consistent positive feedback from the customers in terms of cost-saving, quick responsiveness of sales representatives, and highly quality solar equipment have earned the company an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Trinity?

There is no specific information mentioned on the website regarding this; however, it is a family-owned company founded in 1994 and is now the largest privately held residential company across the nation.

Does Trinity’s rep go door-to-door?

Yes, they have a field team for door-to-door services. Also, in case of any complaints responses, the company puts people into their no-knock list category.

How long do Trinity Solar panels last?

The company installs Qcells solar panels, which is the largest domestic manufacturer of solar panels. Coming back to the question, the panels have a higher efficiency rate of more than 20% and come with a 25-year fixed warranty. 

Is Trinity better than SunRun?

Comparing Trinity Solar and SunRun, Trinity leads the league in terms of workmanship warranty, which SunRun does not provide, and also as the longer-term solar equipment service provider.

How many solar panels are needed to light up the house?

An average of 20–25 panels would be sufficient to power an average house. However, again, the number depends on the electricity consumption, the local weather, and the roof shading.

Is Trinity Solar a reliable company?

Well, the company has been in the energy business for 29 years, with 85,000 homeowners being served, managing an employee strength of 2700, holding an A+ accreditation from the BBB, and a 4-star rating overall. We guess we have answered your question.

Conclusion – Is Trinity Solar the legit provider of solar for you?

Installing a solar power system on a property requires a certain set of experience. It is simpler to achieve your cost-effectiveness and budgeting goals when you deal with a solar firm that is aware of what constitutes a productive solar power system. 

Trinity Solar is the leading privately held solar panel company in all of America. With its skilled in-house team and an extendable warranty of 25 years, it helps the homeowners seamlessly install the system and also provides quick assistance in case of post-installation issues (if any). This makes sure that any potential maintenance issues with the overall solar power system are completely eliminated in the future.

However, since investing in a solar project demands significant money, it is always wise to shop around for multiple solar providers and then choose the one that works best for you (both in terms of efficiency and cost savings).

Trinity Solar Review
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Founded in 1994, Trinity Solar now ranks among the top 10 residential solar companies (#7 as of 2023) across the nation. Trinity stepped into the business of solar in 2004, and since then there has been no going back. With a dedicated and prodigious employee base of 2700, the company never fails to impress its customers with its highly efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solutions.

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  • Sales Process
  • Price as quoted
  • Installation quality
  • Customer Support
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  • Zero upfront costs.
  • Provides quality solar panel equipment.
  • Feedback points to great customer service.


  • Limited to serving in the 10 states so far (all regions are Northeast Coast).
  • Offers only a 10-year workmanship warranty.
  • Minimal transparency in pricing.

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User Review
  • Sales Process
  • Price as quoted
  • Installation quality
  • Customer Support
  • Overall Experience
  • Punctual To Time

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